Into The Spider-Verse


Released on December 14th 2018, Into The Spider-Verse shocked fans and non-fans worldwide. Even winning an oscar for best animated feature of 2018. Being the 8th big Spider-Man movie, but also the first animated one, it’s no surprise that Into The Spider-Verse caught many viewers attention

In this blog post, I’ll be pointing out some things that you might have missed in the 2018 animated feature that you may have missed before.

Photo credit to TGI-Spideys on Tumblr

You remember that part in Into The Spider-Verse where Miles wanted to fail his test so badly, that he purposefully got half of the answers wrong? Well that’s not the only thing that Miles did on purpose. He wanted to fail so bad that he even spelled December wrong (Spelling it like “Decembruary”) to make his teacher think he was stupid. After his teacher gave him a 0 for the test, he followed up with, “Wow, a few more of these and you’ll probably have to kick me outta here.” And at that point, she already knew he was lying.

Image Credit to Reddit

There were a lot of amazing voice actors within the movie and a lot of cameos. But one that probably caught your eye was Donald Glover on Aaron Davis’ (Uncle Aaron’s) Tv while Miles was punching the punching bag.

The scene on his tv was from a show that Donald Glover was in called community. That was around the time that people wanted Donald to play the new Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man but the role went to Andrew Garfield instead.

Another thing you probably didn’t know, was that Donald Glover plays Uncle Aaron in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in Spider-Man Homecoming starring Tom Holland.

People figured this out by Donald’s line, “I got a nephew that lives around here.” in Homecoming. We also know this because when Spider-Man’s (Tom Holland’s) suit identified Aaron Davis, it showed that is name was indeed Aaron Davis which is Miles’ uncle.

Photo credit to Sky Avenger

Now you probably saw Stan Lee’s cameo in Into The Spider-Verse. But did you know that he had not one, but two cameos in the movie.

When Miles thought he killed the “hobo” Peter Parker and tried to “save” him while attached to a train, Stan Lee was walking the streets of New York. When the train stopped, and they spun to the ground on Petters web, hitting the ground, the crowded streets of New York tries to walk around them.

When Miles delivers the line, “Hey, uh, maybe you guys can go around? Alright. Thanks, New York.” you can see Stan Lee walk over them while talking on the phone. There might be another cameo but I’d have to look again.

Well thanks for reading. Like the title says, This was only part 1 of the Into The Spider-Verse review and things you didn’t notice. So stay tuned, but I have to go to my finals so hopefully your week is web-tastic! 😉

Sorry, that was really corny…

Also, before I go, If you haven’t seen the movie, you can look at the trailer real quick if you click on “Into The Spider-Verse” is the first sentence of the first paragraph 😉

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